directors and assistants are ready to go!



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5 responses to “departing

  1. Cathy Morris

    Great pictures of the directors and assistants. Can you guess which one has a birthday 1 week from today!!!

  2. There’s another birthday ‘amongst’ the directors while on the trip! Someone will be celebrating Tuesday, while in England…make sure she has birthday cake with her tea!

  3. Lisa Payne

    Hope to see more pics. Would love to see one of all the kids. Olivia you are missing out on putting up the corn.

  4. Lorrie

    Happy Birthday Julie White! We are so proud of you and the Kentucky Youth Chorale! Wish we could be there with you.
    Thinking of you!
    Lucky to be your sister, Lorrie

  5. Marilyn Van Winkle

    Wish we were getting up=dates from the trip. Happy birthday Julie Whie.

    Marilyn Van Winkle

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